Micromatic Industries as manufacturers of machine tool since 1985, Micromatic Industries have close to 38 years of experience in this Machine Tool Manufacturing sector. Micromatic Industries strives to deliver Semi-Automatic Faceting Machine, Gemstone Faceting Machine & All Type of Lapidary Machines to our customers with best of quality, precision and reliability. By offering machines that are capable of high production levels together with excellent technical support. Micromatic Industries is renowned as one of the premier and trusted suppliers of Semi-Automatic Faceting Machine, Gemstone Faceting Machine, not just in India but all across the globe. Micromatic Industries has a modern state of the art manufacturing plants located in Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan -INDIA. A very high proportion of parts used in these machines are made in our own production facilities. Our machines continually raise the bar for productivity, performance and reliability… all of which helps to explain their enduring popularity.

We combine world class machines that provides everything you need to achieve a quality.  As our world continues to change, it is nice to know that our commitment to excellence remains.


We have state of the art mother machines to produce parts for building machines. Like Lathe Machine, Grinding Machine and Etc.  The factory has in-house design, manufacturing and assembly facilities. A very high proportion of parts used in these machines are made in our own production facilities.


Micromatic Industries Committed to bringing world’s best technology within the easy reach of the customer facilitated by a clear perception of customer demands and the needs of the market and offer optimum cost-effective manufacturing solutions with support from global partners.



To start from the heart to give sincere service. The demands of our customers are the driving force to enhance our skills and technologies. To think for customers and to create better business value is the origin of our growth.


To introduce new techniques and technology through continuous learning, to enhance employee values and create the core competitiveness of the company.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive services. We innovate, research and develop to produce high quality components and machines that satisfy customer’s demand. Our employees have the positive, active, and responsible attitude for the industry.


We keep innovating and developing with business value and service spirits. We pursue excellent product quality, strive to satisfy customer demands and become the largest business to provide all Gemstones Machinery services.



With the global motion component market in mind, we keep product creation, innovation and improving existing products to enhance human well-being.


The fundamental of being responsible is to cultivate our employees with discipline and ability for issue analysis and problem solving. Employees pursue individual achievement and honour evolving into active and responsible working attitude, which is the driving force for our business development.


We create a learning environment and cultivate excellent talents in the long term. We enhance the required professional knowledge with experiences passing down.


We emphasize sensitization in Manufacturing and customer first. The ideas from the customers are our source of creation; customers’ complaints are the force that drives our product and service improvements.


Made for quality but not examined! We instil and enhance product quality to every employee for them to value quality during the process for excellent products.


To observe our delivery lead time, continuously improve our products and devote ourselves to innovative research and development so as to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

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