About the Machine

The machine base is made up of Cast Iron and is fixed with zinc coated steel legs with check nut to help in maintaining proper balance on virtually any surface.
¼ h.p. 1440 r.p.m. Single-phase 220 volts motor AC 50 cycle. This motor is fixed on a removable base plate. The two housings contain two separate shafts driven by the same motor – but both these shafts are rotated in different directions with the help of an idler pulley. This pulley is adjustable and is also used in Tightening of the belt.

The bigger housing made of Cast Iron is for fixing the diamond coated grinding lap of 8″ dia. This housing is fixed. The smaller housing also made of Cast Iron is for fixing the polishing lap of 6″ dia. This housing is adjustable to match the height of the polishing lap to that of the grinding lap.
The machine comes with faceting equipment consisting of a 3-D Block, Facetor with Index wheel, collet and cheater adjustment and a table polisher. The 3-D Block is made of Brass and the table polisher is made of aluminum. The collet is made of spring steel.


The Gemstone is fixed on to a metal (brass/iron) dopstick of 8 mm dia with the help of dopping wax. This dopstick is then inserted in the collet of the facetor and locked. Thereafter the collet is rotated manually with the help of the index wheel alternatingly on the cutting lap and the polishing lap. The index wheel is provided with 64 divisions to achieve various facets on the stone. The angle protractor fixed to the 3-D Block indicates the angle of cutting and polishing.
The motor rotates the cutting lap and the polishing lap. The speed of rotation of either or both the laps can be changed with the help of step pulleys provided with the machine. This machine is ideal for simultaneous faceting and polishing of gems in many shapes – especially round, square, octagon etc.


  1. The facetor can be lifted up almost 180 degrees with respect to the grinding lap. This affords a full view of the stone.
  2. Very sturdy base – the naked base weighs over 15 Kgs. This results in much greater stability and vibration free operation of the machine.
  3. The machine is fitted with 3 Angle Protractors as against one in most other machines. These three angle protractors can be used for three different pre-set angles for faceting and polishing. The time involved and the possibility of errors in changing the angles each time is saved. Each of these protractors can be locked with the help of a locking attachment to the pre-set angles.


  • The grinding lap
  • The polishing lap
  • Dopsticks
  • Dopstick stand
  • Transfer block
  • Light
  • Coolant
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