About the Machine

The vibrator is mounted on a mild steel sheet rounded into a pipe shape. It comes fitted with a motor of 1/2 h.p. 2800 r.p.m. which is fixed with weights for effecting vibrations. The main container is made of nylon for wear resistance and scratch free performance. The vibrator is designed for a up to 4Kg. Load at one time.


The top cover of the container is opened and the material to be polished is filled in the container along with the required polishing medium. The top cover is then closed and machine switched on. Time taken is based on the material to be polished and the medium used.


  1. The biggest advantage is that there is almost no disfiguring of the shape or reduction in the calibrated size of the stones.
  2. This is a medium capacity vibrator and can be used for small batches also
  3. Almost noise free operation.
  4. Faster processing compared to the traditional methods.
  5. Ease of maintenance.
  6. The weights can be manually adjusted to change the speed of vibration.
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