About the Machine

These saws are used to trim slabs and small pieces of precious and semi-precious stones, ceramics, glass and other materials.


The Gemstone is held in the hand and is brought nearer the blade for cutting. The motor rotates the Blade and the operator does all other operations manually.This machine can be best used for cutting rough stones with the help of 4” dia to 6” dia cutting blades. It can also be used for cutting thin slices of uniform size by using the calibration attachment provided with the machine.The r.p.m. of the cutting blade are approx4500 resulting in low consumption of cutting blade.


  • Height:250 mm
  • Width & Depth:400X400
  • MMMax Thickness to be cut:50 mm
  • Diameter of Blade:150
  • Motor:180 Watt, 220 Volts, 50cycles, A.C.
  • Net Weight:25 Kg.


The machine body is made of Cast Iron ¼ h.p. 1440 rpm single phase 220 volts motor AC-50 cycle Aluminum housing that contains the main shaft.The main shaft holds the cutting blade in a specially provided washer and also holds the driven pulley. The shaft is loaded between two sealed bearings.
The machine is fixed with a coolant splashguard; the coolant is stored in body and re circulated. The machine comes fixed with outlet tap for the coolant. A calibration attachment to set the cutting width to a particular size is supplied with the machine is supplied as attachment. The machine is supplied with light arrangement and belt protection guard.The cutting blades are not provided with the machine.

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