About the Machine

Ultrasonic drilling machines a method of brittle destruction by collision of abrasives which are forced against a work by an ultrasonically vibrated tool assisted by an appropriate clamping force. The tool vibration can be of amplitude approx. 40-80 microns with frequencies of 25 kHz, sufficient to perform effective machining. Abrasives may be carborundum, boron carbide or diamond powder depending upon each work. Rougher grits provide quicker chipping but it rougher finish, Abrasives are usually used in slurry (mixed with water).


  1. Suitable for precise machining of any hard and brittle material; specifically drilling, stamping, cutting and engraving of glass, precious stone, porcelain, gems, semi conductor, ceramics and hard alloys.
  2. Not only round but unsystematic machining can be done as the Ultrasonic drilling machining is longitudinally processed.
  3. High accuracy and fine finished are obtained depending upon the tool accuracy and grit size.
  4. Simple in operation even a beginner can operate the machine with ease.
  5. 4mm thickness can be drilled in 10-15 seconds on an average.
  6. Very low operative cost. Less than 4% weight loss in drilling on an average. Ultrasonic Drilling Machines have been developed in various models.
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